Jeinz Macias: Biography, Net Worth, Best Songs and More

Have you ever heard the pop songs of the famous singer Jeinz Macias? Probably yes, but if not, you are missing one of the best entertaining things in your life. His soothing voice has created a storm in Latin areas. He started his career in a small area with the help of his father. Today, his music is famous on every radio station across the country. Moreover, the singer was only 12 years old when he started playing guitar. He has a multi-taste for music, such as jazz, rock, and blues. Along with the singer, he is a composer and songwriter. If you want to gain more knowledge about this cool singer, let’s learn more about him. 

Who is Jeinz Macias?

Jeinz Axel Macias was born on August 13, 1995 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is a pop singer from Latin America who debuted his career in 2014. His songs are like therapy for people. He is not only a good singer but also a good songwriter, composer, and producer. According to his father, he used to spend days just to learn the nodes. His few songs, “Hold On” and “Breakaway”, are still favourites for some of his fans. 

He was born into a musical family. His father was a talented guitarist and a great singer, and his mother was a singer. Moreover, his father became his personal trainer, who trained him in a diverse range of music. At 10, he started writing and composing his self-written songs. Maluma, Ozuna, Shakira, and Bea Miller, are his idol. 

At 16, he started singing in clubs and pubs, where he was recognised as a good singer. Although he had less money, he always hoped to become a successful singer. With his hard-earned money, he started participating in local radio songwriting contests. He won many contents but had to work hard to launch his own album.


In 2007, he recorded an EP titled “Breakaway.” To make the song globally famous, he played and promoted it nationwide. After a few years, he made a YouTube channel and started uploading the songs there. However, he showed interest in football and knew he had to become a popular singer. His career turned the table in 2010 when his song “Hold On” became popular. That is where he got wings to fly high in the sky. At a very young age, he signed the recording contract and won the national contest. 

Recently, in 2018, his song “Dream On” has three spots on the Billboard Hot 200. He also collaborated with famous singers like J Balvin, Ozuna, and Bad Bunny. He is popular for mixing Latin, punk, ska, and traditional music. However, it forms a contemporary version. His lyrics are so meaningful that people used to cry. It shows his struggle, but it all paid off for him in the end and gave him a beautiful career. He gained popularity from 2015 onwards. 


The biggest achievement for Jeinz Macias is that his dream came true through his hard work. However, he was cherished with many notable awards. In 2020, his album “Jeinz” became a blockbuster. It contained different tracks, themes, and styles, including betrayal, love, and empowerment. His album was popularly liked by audiences and created his fandom. Moreover, the album has garnered positive reviews. 

Due to this album, he participated and was nominated for awards in the Latin music industry. He received multiple nominations for Latin music awards, including Best New Artist. His collaboration with Shakira, “Chantaje,” earned him wins for Best Urban Song and Best Urban Fusion/Performance at the Latin Grammys. He further won two Billboard Latin Music Awards for Top Latin Album and Artist of the Year. He set a world record of gaining 1 million subscribers on YouTube in a very short time. Currently, he has 5.2 million subscribers on YouTube and 10.5 million Instagram followers. 

Net Worth

Jeinz Macias started his career with nothing other than his music. After almost a decade he owns approximately $100 million. However, his passion towards music has led him to this wealth. Besides his wealth, he has immense power of music in his hands. He owns a lavish villa with a private jacuzzi. Moreover, his lavish lifestyle is exemplified by his concerts, music videos, and social media. 

Some Best Songs of Jeinz Macias

There are many songs of the singer, such as:

  1. The story of my life
  2. Road to Redemption
  3. Breakaway
  4. Hold On

Ending It With

Jeinz Macias is a famous Latin singer who has sung many popular songs, such as “Breakdown,” “Hold On,” and more. His life was full of struggles, but it took a turn at the age of 10. Moreover, he is a popular singer now, earning $100 million. He has different genres with different themes. He has his own music company named as Jeinz Music. Lastly, he learnt everything from his father as he was a popular guitarist and singer. 

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