9 Best Fortnite Tracker in 2024

Fortnite is an online shooter game that is extremely popular among millions of players. Because of its competitive nature, many players want to check their stats to see how well they are doing. They can check their stats in Fortnite itself, but if that’s not enough, there’s Fortnite Tracker.

The in-game tracker doesn’t have many features. You can only check common things like the number of wins, matches played, and other statistics. Several Fortnite statistics trackers can help you see more detailed stats other than the general ones. However, first, knowing about it and how you can use it is important.

What is Fortnite Tracker?

Fortnite Tracker is a site that tracks all the game’s data to build statistics. It’s an important feature that lets players track in-game statistics. The platform gathers game history, challenges, leaderboards, and overall stats. Fortnite players can compare and watch their stats and track their progress. 

Players can also access features like the Fortnite news feed. A Fortnite Tracker functions by analyzing data from the Fortnite servers using its API. It collects players’ activities, such as kills, wins, and deaths.

How to Use Fortnite Tracker?

Players can use this tracker to monitor their progress and learn where to improve. It’s a perfect tool for gamers to enhance their Fortnite skills. They can track their victory percentage, kill-to-death ratios, and amount of kills. This can help them offer a great insight into how they’re playing and how they can improve.

To use Fortnite Tracker, players need to follow the steps below:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Link to your Fortnite account.
  3. Enjoy automatic updates on achievements and stats.

Complete List of Fortnite Tracker in 2024

We have listed the nine best Fortnite Tracker we know. Let’s explore them one by one:


Fortnitetracker.com is an online Fortnite stat tracker. It also includes Fortnite events happening and Fortnite item shop in several regions. Hence, it’s also regarded as a Fortnite event tracker and an Item Shop.

This tracker helps to see Fortnite player stats, wins, tops, kills, leaderboards, etc. You can also see your best streaks, season stats, and highest-kill games. To check your Fortnite statistics, move to the Fortnitetracker.com website. Enter your epic name, account ID, or PSN. Then click on enter and see the results.

Moot (LFG & Gaming Discussion)

Moot is another popular tracker that’s available on Android, PC, and iOS. Other than Fortnite, you can use it to browse more than 50 games. You can check the stats of games, including Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and more.

You can see detailed statistics, such as the wins in solo, duo, or squad games. You can also team up with other members of the platform’s community. By using the LFG feature, you can find the teammates and invite them to your gameplay if they’re active. It has a 4.8-star rating and a positive reputation among the players worldwide.


On Fortnite.gg, you can easily check your stats within a few seconds. You can check your total kills, wins, matches and win rate. Additionally, you can check kills per match, total play time, K/D ratio, and average playtime.

Additionally, you can check the items that are available in the shop. There’s a map that you can use with various filters and much more. However, this platform only shows the stats for the ongoing season. You cannot check the statistics of the previous seasons.

Storm Shield

Storm Shield is another Fortnite Tracker that players can use. This platform doesn’t offer much detail compared to the other trackers on this list. However, this tool works perfectly in “Fortnite’s Save The World” mode. 

This simple site shows you what your tasks are and what bonuses to expect. It also helps you see how long it’ll take to complete the missions or tasks. It also has a leaderboard, just like the Fortnite Tracker.


Playersauctions.com is another online Fortnite Tracker. You can easily find your and your friends’ statistics without downloading the app. You can see all your current seasons’ improvement. 

Players will also receive a weekly tracker. It will help to show the total number of games played, the condition of their K.D., kills per game, average score, deaths, and more. To check Fortnite stats, go to the website, enter your epic name, enter, and click on the search icon.


This Fortnite Tracker helps you to check the ranking and stats for anyone on Fortnite Battle Royale. On this website, you can view the kills, K/D, and wins of any Fortnite player. One notable aspect of this platform is that it supports all platforms. It includes PlayStations, Xbox, PC< Android, and iOS.

To use this tracker, simply go to their official website and enter your epic name. Select a platform from the drop-down menu. You can select Xbox, PC, or PSN. Select the “Get Stats” option to learn about the stats.


Trax.gg is another website from which you can easily monitor all your stats. However, this site is only for iOS users, not Android ones. This platform is very easy to use and have on your device.

On Trax.gg, you can check the stats and daily item availability. It also has a map that you can use. Additionally, you can track your battle pass on this website.


FortniteTracker.gg is an online platform for tracking Fortnite stats. Players can easily find Fortnite events, stats, items, weapons, shops, and leaderboards. They can also find designs, challenges, maps, and other items on this online tracker.

Furthermore, you can also see all your wins. You can also arrange them as registered players on a mobile phone, Play Station, or a computer. To check the details, simply go to the official website and enter your epic name. You can also enter the Gamertag of all platforms. After that, click on the enter button and see the results.

FPS Tracker

The last Fortnite Tracker on this list is the FPS tracker. It helps to track the statistics for a lot of first-person shooting games. If you play more than one FPS game, you can easily check all your stats in one place.

To use this platform, enter your epic username on their official website. Hit the enter button and check all your stats in one place.

Let’s Wrap Up

Fortnite Tracker plays an important role in every gamer’s life. It tracks all the game’s data and builds statistics. This feature helps every player to track their in-game stats. A tracker allows everyone to know how they’re doing in the game and what they need to improve. There are nine best trackers that anyone can use to track their stats and enhance their gameplay.

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