Some of the Simpsons Predictions about India and World in 2024

The Simpsons, an American Sitcom, is becoming more popular these days. Simpsons predictions about India and the World have become popular headlines recently. However, recently, after the COVID pandemic, predictions about future events have come true. It can be a coincidence or a correct analysis of the future. However, the Simpsons was a fictional story that now aligns with future events. We will see some of Simpson’s predictions for 2024. 

What is “The Simpsons”?

“The Simpsons” is an American Sitcom that debuted on May 28, 1989. It was created by Matt Groening and developed by Groening, James L. Brooks, and Sam Simon. The sitcom has 35 seasons and 768 episodes. It is a fictional story about the Simpsons family with five characters. It includes Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.

Moreover, it is one of the longest-running animated series worldwide. It mainly examines American culture, politics, and social problems. The sitcom is trending because of its predictions about future events. It has a large fan base and is popular among people. However, the sitcom is meant for entertainment purposes only. 

7 Simpsons Predictions About India and the World

Many Simpsons predictions about India and the world have become popular. Let’s see the top seven predictions.  

7. Zombie Apocolypse

In the fourth season’s fifth episode, “Tree House of the Horror,” there was a Zombie apocalypse. It was the Halloween episode of The Simpsons. The dead bodies became Zombies because of Bart’s mistake. The plot is that Bart goes to the Library for a book but chooses a book that revives dead things. 

Moreover, Lisa asks Brad to revive their dead cat, but Bart mistakenly says it is dead instead of a cat. So all the zombies revive instead of Lisa’s cat. However, it is possible that this zombie thing can be a part of future events. Similarly, the COVID-19 pandemic which was earlier shown in The Simpsons. 

6. Baby Translator

Homer’s brother, Herb, invents a baby translator during an episode of The Simpsons. The baby translator’s job is to translate the things the baby speaks. Now, after so many years, in 2024, it is supposed to be possible. This is because scientists have developed a machine that translates baby language. 

It plays an important role in a baby’s development and may also change the traditional way of a baby’s upbringing. However, many apps are already present on Play and the App Store. But Herb revealed that his translator can even translate a baby’s cry, which is nearly impossible. 

5. World War 3

The Simpsons were 99.99% accurate about World War 3 in the episode of “The Tracey Ullman Show.” Homer Simpsons informs his family about  WW3 while they are all sleeping. He wakes them not once but thrice and orders them to make a fallout shelter, which they all ignore continuously. 

Similarly, in 2024, we will witness many wars equal to or similar to World War 3. The wars between Russia and Ukraine and now Israel and Palestine are similar. They are so intense that they can become serious wars at any time. Moreover, the India-Pakistan war can also become one as they are attacking the Jammu and Kashmir regions.  

4. Solar Storm

In 2013, Episode 9 of Season 24 shows a sudden electricity cut, and people started using letters instead of mobile phones. There was a hidden message that it could affect future events. After many years, in 2024, astronomers said that a solar storm would affect the Earth this year. 

According to Astronomers, solar storms can lead to satellites, internet and power cuts worldwide. That means we do not get any access to electricity and the internet. If this happens, our economy can face loss as life is impossible without electricity and the internet. 

3. AI Robots taking jobs

In 1999, episode 17 of season 23 of The Simpsons showed that AI robots replaced human workers, leading to unemployment worldwide. In the scene, Homer loses his job due to the arrival of AI robots. The rise of these AI bots, a component of Machine Learning, can be seen in 2024. In the IT sector, AI is slowly taking over the jobs of engineers and teachers. The implementation of Gemini and chatgpt was a start, and now the AI bots have taken the internet.  

2. Kamla Harris to become President

Lisa Simpson becomes the President of America. The episode shows that the country is going through terrible financial losses because of Trump. Moreover, Lisa Simpson became America’s President. She was wearing a Purple suit with white pearls. Similarly, Kamla Harris wore the same outfit and jewellery on the inauguration day. If Kamla Harris becomes President, she will be America’s first female President. 

1. Colonizing to Mars

In the 16th episode of the 27th season. It is shown that Homer Simpson and his family are selected to go on Mars. However, during the skill testing, all the men of the family fail. Only Marge and Lisa Simpson get selected to go to Mars because they are highly skilled. Due to the engine failing, no one could travel to Mars. 

After a few years, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has publicly discussed the Mars project. He said that his team is working and will make life possible on Mars in upcoming years. This can be an incidence, but if not, then the prediction is really exceptional. 

In a Nutshell

In the last few years, some of the episodes of the fictional story have become true. This means there are higher possibilities for all seven predictions. The Simpsons predictions about India and the world in 2024 are going viral. However, these future events can take a few years, but they began to appear true. 

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