8 Ways to Stay Healthy During Flu Season?

Changing seasons bring changes inside your body. Flu and colds are common these days, so your health should be the top priority when staying healthy during flu season. Flu is a viral disease that can affect people around you, so people must take extra precautions during this season. 

Whenever you feel a cough, runny nose, fever, chills, or headache, isolate yourself first. These are the symptoms of the Flu. During the winter season, Flu activates and causes all the symptoms. However, it is a common disease that is not life-threatening at all. Anyone with asthma or any respiratory issue should take extra precautions. 

What is Flu?

Flu is also known as Influenza. It is a common disease that is not deadly if you do not have any respiratory problems. However, it spreads easily as it is a viral disease and is preventable through vaccines. It mainly attacks the nose, throat, and lungs. People who have weak immune systems can get affected quickly. It is caused by tiny viruses attacking the respiratory system. 

Symptoms of Flu

Some of the symptoms of the flu are:

  • Cold
  • Fever or chills
  • Runny nose
  • Dry cough
  • Sore throat
  • Muscle ache
  • Headache
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Congestion
  • Fatigue

8 Best Ways to Stay Healthy During Flu Season

To stay healthy during flu season, people need to take precautions. Flu can be dangerous sometimes if the vaccine is not taken on time. Some of the tips are:

1. Wash your hands

Washing hands before eating something is tradition. But to be fit and healthy, wash your hands after touching areas, too. If you have Flu, you should stay clean to protect others. Germs can easily spread the Flu, so clean your hands well for at least 20 seconds. If handwash is not present, then use Sanitizer. It helps kill germs. Moreover, it is helpful for you and others. 

2. Avoid close contact

If you have flu or viral problems, take precautions and isolate yourself. When unwell, try to avoid meeting people as it can spread to them. If you are around sick people, regularly sanitize your hands, wear a mask, and more. 

If you have flu, cover your mouth and nose and meet them at a particular distance. Flu viruses float in the air continuously, and small droplets are present on null objects. So, stay away from people who have symptoms, or if you have symptoms, try to avoid contact. 

3. Get vaccinated

Vaccination is the top thing. Every person should take a flu shot once a year. It is one of the best ways to avoid the flu. Everyone, from 6-month-old children to everyone, should take a shot. After taking a shot, the chances of getting the flu are reduced. 

Unfortunately, if you get sick, the impact is reduced. People with weak immune systems should take the vaccine. Vaccination is important as it improves health and strengthens the immune system. 

4. Cover your face

During flu season, cover your face well, especially while coughing. Always keep a handkerchief with you, and use it while coughing and sneezing. It does not spread germs to other people. Moreover, if you have nothing to cover your face, put your face towards the underarms and then sneeze. Wearing a mask during the season keeps you away from getting infected. 

5. Get enough sleep

Many people get five to seven hours of sleep and are the first to catch the flu. It is important to get eight to nine hours of sleep. If your immune system is weak and you are not getting enough sleep, there is a high chance of catching the flu. If you catch the flu, rest in bed until your health improves. Less sleep can cause irritation, which is not helpful during the flu pandemic. 

6. Take a healthy diet

A healthy diet, especially vitamins C and D, is important as they help boost the immune system. Flu mainly attacks the immune system, and our White blood cells attack back. Hence, it causes a runny nose. 

A healthy diet, including fruits and vegetables, improves overall well-being. Whole grains can strengthen the immune system and help the body fight infections.

7. Drink more water

Drink warm water during colds; it helps prevent a dry nose and throat. An adequate amount of water can help keep you well and loosen mucus. If your immune system is good, only your body can fight the flu. Try to drink 4-5 litres of water every day. It helps you stay hydrated and also reduces pimples. 

8. Do not take medicine without prescriptions

Due to a blocked nose, people prefer medicine without knowing the side effects. Avoiding medicine during a cold is better because its viruses come through mucus. So, taking medicine can be dangerous. However, if you are eager to take medicine, consult your doctor. They will recommend you which medicine is good for your health. 


It is important to stay healthy during flu season, also known as the cold season. Flu is a common viral disease that can affect the respiratory system and cause sore noses and throats. Precautions and medication are important, but there are some ways to protect yourself.

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