Marbles On Stream: Features, Techniques, Requirements and More

If you are a gamer and love playing games, this game is for you. Marbles on Stream is a marble game that you can play and stream on Twitch. Tv. This game is interactive, which is why millions of gamers are playing it. Players from different communities come together in this game to race their marbles. It is a strong community-based game that helps people make friends. Let’s see more about it. 

What is Marbles on Stream?

Marbles on Stream is an interactive game developed and published by Pixel by Pixel Studios Inc. It was released on 6 November 2019 and became more popular afterwards. The game has many online community events, like Marble Fest and Marble Day. To play and stream this game, gamers go to and join games. Gamers can win free marble skin in the events. 

Moreover, in this game, the gamers can build up a large community and play with the viewers. It has a large audience. Every time you click “play game”, you will find that different communities are playing their game. However, you can join and start playing with your gamer. The genres of this game are Casual, Free to Play, MMO, Racing, and Simulation.

Features of Marbles on Stream

Some of the features of Marbles on Stream, such as:

1. Race mode

The race mode is a mode in which players compete with each other. Pbp developed the AI marbles to compete. Physics is said to be the mastermind behind the game, so expect real movements.

2. Royal mode

The royal mode is when you cross the basic modes of the game. In this round, the marble must overcome obstacles and tasks to win. The marble which passes all the obstacles and wins the game is the winner. 

3. Grand Prix

In Grand Prix mode, the gamer will get 2 to 16 tracks back to back. If you have played well, you will get the reward. At the end of the mode, the top three players who got the most will be the winner, and their good names will be displayed on the board. 

4. Tilted

In the tilted mode, the players will have the power to tilt the game. In this mode, players must use their skill and power to make themselves first to finish. This mode has so many levels. 

5. Map Builder 

As the name suggests, the player will have the right to build their map. They can add their obstacles and other features. Moreover, once you created the game, upload it on the gaming platform. 

System Requirements For Playing Marbles on Stream

The system requirements for playing this game depend on minimum and recommended. Let’s see the requirements. 


1. It requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

2. OS: Windows 64-bit: 7/8/10

3. Processor: Intel i3 2.4 GHz (or AMD equivalent)

4. Graphics: Intel HD 5000

5. Memory: 4 GB RAM

6. DirectX: Version 11

7. Storage: 10 GB available space

8. Network: Broadband Internet connection

9. Free Disc Space: 3 GB

10. Pixel Shader: 5.0

11. Vertex Shader: 5.0


1. It also requires a 64-bit processor and operating system

2. OS: Windows 64-bit: 7/8/10

3. Processor: Intel i7 3.6 GHz (or better) (or AMD equivalent)

4. Graphics: Nvidia 1070 (or better) or Radeon RX 580 (or better)

5. Memory: 16 GB RAM

6. DirectX: Version 11

7. Storage: 50 GB available space

8. Network: Broadband Internet connection

9. Free Disk Space: 10 GB

10. Pixel Shader: 5.1

11. Vertex Shader: 5.1

How To Set Up Marbles on Stream For Twitch?

There are some steps which are followed to set up the game for Twitch:

1. Open your search engine and search “Marbles on Stream”.

2. Click on the store section and search for the game’s name.

3. You will find the install or play button.

4. Click on Install and the “I agree” button.

5. Your game will install successfully.

6. Login with your Twitch account, not your Steam account.

7. Add the game to your OBSC.

8. Click on the add new source button to add marble.

9. Choose the game capture option.

10. Enter your good name there.

11. Fill all the asked information.

12. Now, your stream has started. 

113. To play in any game use (!play).

Note: If you cannot play the game, check your internet connection. If it is working properly, uninstall and reinstall the game. If it does not work, try contacting support staff.

In a Nutshell 

Marbles on Stream is a game played on Twitch with different communities. To play this game, you need to have a Twitch account. Use (!play) in the comment, and you will get your marble. The player who reaches the last line becomes the winner of the game. It has different modes such as race, royal, grand prix, tilted and map builder. 

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