How To Play The Impossible Quiz: Gameplay & Answers

The Impossible Quiz is an online quiz game that is almost impossible to answer. All the questions are difficult to answer and require creative thinking. It’s an online trivia quiz game that has 110 questions for every player.

It features very challenging questions with tricks, double meanings, and jokes. Players need to think outside the box to complete the levels in this quiz game. They are given four questions, of which only one is correct. Remember, you have only three lives, so make sure you’re ready to think creatively.

What is The Impossible Quiz?

The Impossible is an online trivia game that looks easy but is complex. It challenges the players to think creatively. There are 110 tricky questions, each more challenging than the last. This game helps to enhance individuals’ problem-solving skills.

This gameplay features questions with tricky wordplay, jokes, and more. To complete the levels, you have to bring your inner creativity into the real world. Players will be given three lives in this game. Remember, with every wrong answer, you’ll lose a life.

Splapp-me-do created The Impossible Quiz in 2007. He also created the sequel The Impossible Quiz 2 and the Christmas-themed quiz: The Impossible Quizmas.


The Impossible Quiz is presented as a tricky game of questions and answers. The player will be given a question with four options. Out of the four options, one is correct. However, many questions have tricks, double meanings, and hidden jokes. So, it’s important for players to show their creativity.

Players can also find a few mini-games along the way, like mazes. It’s important to have good reflexes and skills to play this game. Additionally, they’ll be given three lives, and with every wrong answer, they will lose one. Losing all the lives will be a GAME OVER.

Players must answer all 110 questions in one go, with no checkpoints in between. Green arrow-shaped power-ups let the player skip questions. However, they are useless because the player has to save them all to win the final question.

Some questions feature bombs. They particularly have a timer from 1 to 11 seconds. The game will be over if the player doesn’t answer the question before the timer ends. This game became very popular and was among the most liked titles.

How to Play the Impossible Quiz?

Ready to beat the Impossible Quiz without cheating? You’re in the right place. But be ready to get irritated because this game is quite tricky. To help you solve these questions, we are giving you three ways.

Solve the Quiz by Yourself (Method 1)

It’s important to solve these questions on your own without cheating. Let’s see what are the ways in which you can solve these questions:

  • Stop and Think. If you see a time bomb, then the question has a time limit. But if you don’t, then take time to answer the question. These questions require you to think creatively, which takes time. Be confident before selecting an answer.
  • Think About Possible Puns and Jokes. The Impossible Quiz is full of illogical questions. There are double meanings, jokes, and puns, which confuse the player. So, instead of answering them seriously, try to answer them lightly.
  • Think very Precisely. Read the question word by word and find its obvious meaning. If the question is “Click the Answer”, then literally click on the word “Answer.”
  • Ask Your Friend for Help. You can get help from your friends. It’ll be much easier to find answers. If your friends know about internet memes, then it can be helpful for you.
  • Write down wrong answers. It’ll be easier for you to write the answer you will guess before clicking on it. Cross it if it is wrong and mark it if it is right. If you lose all your lives and start the game again, this method will be helpful. The next time you answer that question, you’ll know which option is wrong.

Advice & Hints (Method 2)

Let’s look at some of the advice and hints you need to win The Impossible Quiz.

  • Use a Touch Screen or Mouse. Some questions require extreme time and precision with your touch screen and cursor. If you’re using a laptop, then plug in a mouse instead of using a mouse pad.
  • Don’t Skip a Question. This game offers a “Skip” option to its players. However, it’s just useless. You’ll need all the skips to beat the last question, which is 110.
  • Note the code in question 50. You will see a list of numbers in question number 50. Remember to write those numbers down. You have to type the code on question number 108.

Cheating (Method 3)

One last method is to cheat to beat all the questions on the Impossible Quiz. You can find many videos on YouTube that have all the answers to every question. It’s also important to look for the invisible answers. Click the numbers next to the answers, words in the question, or answers hidden in the pictures.

The Impossible Quiz Answers

Check out the list below to find out every answer to The Impossible Quiz.

  1. Four.
  2. No, but a Tin can.
  3. K.O
  4. The Answer.
  5. Move your mouse around the screen.
  6. Shallots.
  7. An elephant.
  8. Find the green tick.
  9. That one, Upper right.
  10. Dentures/teeth.
  11. The Dot in “i.”
  12. F’taang.
  13. Torch.
  14. Click on the letter “Horse.”
  15. H
  16. 17 (upper left corner)
  17. Hammer.
  18. Blue, Orange, Green, Green, Yellow.
  19. Seal!
  20. Upper left corner.
  21. +1 Skip.
  22. Bran.
  23. The “V” in lives.
  24. Shoe Polish.
  25. Arsefacey.
  26. Go to 28.
  27. Abundance.
  28. Egg mayonnaise.
  29. Drag the mouse through the white without touching the green.
  30. Woof. Woof. Woof.
  31. Babycham and human faeces.
  32. 7.
  33. Move your mouse away from your screen.
  34. Wait until the button changes to a green smiley face.
  35. A walk.
  36. Of course not.
  37. Mary Rose.
  38. Cylindrical Adventures.
  39. Right-click and move your mouse across the menu section.
  40. Afro.
  41. The 42nd 42 (Bottom row, 2nd one in)
  42. Tom Cruise
  43. Drag the 44. and click the centre of the pink outlined dot filled with blue.
  44. Cross, Sun, Flag, Skull, Up (Top right).
  46. Line up your mouse above the game screen with the dot. Then, drag your mouse down until the button glows green.
  48. Splapp-Me-Do
  49. O.K.

Other Answers to The Impossible Quiz:

  1. Click continuously on one of the monsters until one of them wins.
  2. 3rd from the left.
  3. …But Pa Might Not.
  4. No, about 20cm off the ground
  5. A games console for wholemeal biscuits
  6. Blue, Red, Blue, Yellow (Line up your mouse above the screen with the dots)
  7. Erm… One?
  8. Shepherd’s Pie
  9. Continually tap the black circle dude as fast as you can until the laser is put out.
  10. Click Yes if you have not lost Question 59 since you opened the website and ran the Flash. Click No if you had to start over because you lost it when you opened the website and ran Flash.
  11. Thumbs Up (Top left)
  12. The moss on the left (Above the gold bar)
  13. Tasteless white filth
  14. Egg>28
  15. The word “LARGEST.”
  16. Click the exclamation point at the end of the question.
  17. A big hairy arsonist.
  18. Rub the cat with the computer mouse until the bar on the side is full.
  19. LOL, 69
  20. Using its anus.
  21. Click any rectangles, but only when it is green.
  22. At the left, under “72.”
  23. Top right.
  24. No one knows that.
  25. Click “ESCAPE!” when it appears under “75.” BE FAST
  26. Sugar, honey, honey.
  27. Question 77.
  28. Four
  29. The “U” in “What do yoU mean?”
  30. Filthy Romanians
  31. Rub your mouse on the lightning rod until it strikes lightning. Now, click the green arrow
  32. Clip all 10 toenails.
  33. National Dyslexic Association
  34. Escape the fireballs and try to touch the green star in the bottom right when it passes.
  35. I loved it!
  36. The prince
  37. The dot in “87.”
  38. Continuously click between the guy’s hands on the leg until his leg breaks.
  39. Blindness
  40. Nonce

Last Set of Answers

  1. Tear the note in half without clicking (the indent between “have” and “corner”).
  2. 194, 27, 26, 14, 9, 3, 2.5, 1, .4
  3. Drag the bomb down and click “GO!”
  4. Just wait until the bomb says it’s a dud.
  5. Move the mouse off of the game screen and click the red button.
  6. A right mess
  7. 10+ Times!
  8. The words “Blue, Red, Blue, Yellow.”
  9. Wait until the light turns green and click on the sign.
  10. Two
  11. Type Chihuahua
  12. Touch all of the dots. One of the screens doesn’t have one
  13. In the middle of the bottom right quadrant
  14. Click the large yellow sad moon (bottom right)
  15. BANANA; Spell it from apple, nectarine, gooseberry
  16. Click the arrow.
  18. 4 8 15 16 23 42 Execute.
  19. Continuously click on the monkey’s butt until it poops an arrow. Click the arrow.
  20. Use all 7 skips.

Let’s Wrap Up:

The Impossible Quiz is a tricky game that offers questions with four options. Players need to use creative thinking to answer every question. There are 110 questions with double meanings, tricks, and puns. Players need to think outside the box to beat this quiz game. Remember, there are only three lives, and with every wrong answer, you’ll lose one.

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